Ten years’ journey to the top of the world

Ten years’ journey to the top of the world

Ten years’ journey to the top of the world

2011, Gaobeidian PRISES Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established;

2015, The company production: Condoms,Pregnancy and Ovulation test kit successfully passed the CE certification

2018, The company attended at the South Africa International Exhibition and start the project of global market layout

From nothing till this time, from a corner in Baoding till the international market, the company PRISES Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been growing fast under the leadership of the CEO, Mr Meng Lingwen. With the good acceptance and reputation on the international market for its good quality, so many products have been exported to more than 50 countries or regions abroad.

Leading medical technology, achieving the health monument. Through deepening into the development of medical device market, the company’s services has been expanded from single field of  In Vitro Diagnostic(IVD) test till the multi business sectors such as reagent diagnostics, virus sampling, medical protection consumables.

At present, it had been built with the standardized sterile workshop which is about 3000 square meters, including a 100000 level clean workshop(550 ㎡) and a R & D laboratory of level 10000 standard(150㎡)

At the beginning of COVID-19 in 2020, the company PRISES accelerated the project of COVID-19 test kit as it is the professional manufacturer of IVD test kit. At June 2020, the COVID-19 test kit which produced by the company was certified by international standard. Subsequently, test kit was launched into the domestic and international markets rapidly and assisted in the detection project of COVID-19 virus.

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